Memorial Keepsakes

Reliquaries also called memorial keepsakes

Yves Légaré offers a selection of reliquaries, which are a direct complement to our selection of funeral urns. It is important to know that the reliquary is often a miniature copy of the urn chosen by the family. It is, in fact, a smaller version that can include the ashes of the deceased.

They are containers designed to hold relics, the ashes of the deceased. In the past, reliquaries contained the body, a part of the body, a piece of clothing or an object that belonged to a saint. The reliquary could take the form of a coffin, a box, a vial, a phial or a capsule to preserve the ashes.

In our funeral context, it is indeed a miniature version of the urn chosen, it is in fact jewelry that serves to accommodate a portion of the ashes of the deceased. It is also possible to place a lock of hair or a piece of cloth from the deceased’s favorite garment; ask your consultant to agree on the number of reliquaries desired and certainly on the contents.


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