Our Coffins

No matter if it is for a final resting place for a burial or the perfect support for a cremation, a coffin must be chosen with care. Before you begin exploring the different models, we would like to emphasize the importance of choosing a proper coffin. For a cremation, the coffin will need to be made from a material that burns easily; it is important to choose accordingly. Consequently, metal coffins are reserved for burials.

The Different Available Coffins

Our Wooden Coffins

Our coffin models made of wood are naturally elegant. This traditional choice remains very popular for its appearance, but also its durability. At Yves Légaré, there are high-quality coffins available to you.  

Made from poplar, oak or maple wood, our models come in different exterior hues and interior colours. We provide you with refined colour arrangements to honour the memory of your loved one, no matter your budget. You will also have the option of customizing the coffin, like with engravings, for example.

A wooden coffin can be used both for the cremation and burial, and easily adapts to all different types of funerals.

Our Metal Coffins

Coffins made from metal are the perfect choice for unparalleled durability and strength. Made from a steel, stainless steel, bronze or copper base, our coffins are built with quality metallic materials.

From streamlined and modern styles to luxurious coffins with meticulous details, our models will easily adapt to your preferences. You can also take advantage of a wide selection of colours, no matter if you prefer bright white, deep blue, metallic hues with a luxurious finish and much more.

Generally lighter to carry than wood, metal offers several advantages. Find out more about our different models and customize a coffin to match your loved one’s taste and personality with our coffin arrangements.


Our Eco-Friendly Coffins

For those who really care about the environment, you will find many different options at Yves Légaré. We have biodegradable rattan or 100 % natural wood, without any added chemicals; our models combine elegance with an eco-friendly approach.

Without compromising on looks, our coffins ‒for sale- will biodegrade quickly once buried and will not pollute during cremation. Take a look at our models, with different colours and finishes.

Ongoing Support

At Yves Légaré, we will take care of everything for you: from the body being transported to the funeral home to the cemeteries and mausoleums. We are here to gently guide and support you throughout this challenging time and process, by providing you with advice when needed.

Our teams in Laval and Montreal are here to answer all of your questions and preoccupations. Contact us to find out more about our coffins and their prices.


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