There are lots of people who put off their funeral prearrangements or simply don’t think about doing it. Yet not only is it something that can provide you with great peace of mind, but it can also take the pressure off of your loved ones who won’t be burdened by the costs and the emotional stress of having to do it themselves. Yves Légaré funeral homes, in the province of Quebec, help you prepare in advance for your passing, by providing you with gentle guidance while being respectful of your needs.

Our funeral prearrangements services: All you need to know

In the province of Quebec, funeral prearrangements are divided into two types of contracts: the funeral services contract and the burial rights contract. At Yves Légaré, we offer advantageous packages that include the viewing of the body or ashes, the casket and/or urn, and the burial or cremation. All of these steps are part of our available packages.

We also provide our clients with customized all-around guidance and support in this very important step of their lives. We will gently guide you in your decision making if needed, whether you are wondering how to plan for your passing or if you are hesitating to make important decisions.

Our multilingual funeral consultants will treat you, your beliefs and traditions with the utmost care, as we have been doing for over 90 years. Our family business understands your rituals and will ensure that your last wishes be respected once the time of your passing has come. We will organize your funeral arrangements according to your specific terms: a burial or cremation, the type of ceremony you want, the choice of urn or casket, etc.

Should you happen to pass while being abroad, our packages include free international repatriation assistance for the body or ashes, providing you with added peace of mind.

Why opt for funeral prearrangements?

A person’s passing can be predictable or completely unexpected. No matter the situation, it always represents a challenging time in your loved ones’ lives. This is true in more ways than one: the steps they will have to take, the procedures and decisions, can all add up and represent a significant burden. If you are going through this personally, find out more about what to do after a loved one has passed away.

Peace of mind for both you and your loved ones

When you choose to have your funeral prearranged, you are actually preventing your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions at the time of your passing, which could even help prevent conflicts from arising as well.

This will also prevent them from acting on emotion or grief, or perhaps make decisions that might not correspond to your last wishes.

Finally, these last wishes do matter. Do you want to be buried or cremated? Do you want a religious or secular ceremony? Your funeral should be done in accordance to your wishes. You can, of course, implicate your loved ones in your decision making; this is actually recommended and advisable.

Saving money by planning ahead

Losing a loved one can also, unfortunately, prove to be a financial burden. When you make the choice to complete your funeral arrangements ahead of time, you will be taking advantage of a freeze on pricing. This means that regardless of inflation or fee increases, the goods and services you’ve paid for will be of the same quality, at the price in effect at the time of signing. These savings can make a huge difference for your loved ones.

Moreover, with Yves Légaré, it will be possible for you to spread payments evenly over up to 60 months, at no extra cost and without any interests, allowing you to alleviate the financial impact of these funeral preparations. This means that it will be easier for you to opt for the arrangements you truly want, without letting costs determine what you choose. Even if you are very healthy, it is important to plan ahead; this way you will know that when your time comes, you can depart with complete serenity.

The advantages of choosing Yves Légaré

With Yves Légaré funeral homes, you will be taking advantage of the expertise of a family-owned business in Quebec, where your beliefs and traditions will be understood and treated with respect.

We offer professional and respectful guidance, during each step of the process.

Our customized packages are not only financially advantageous, but they are also fully customizable to cater to your specific wishes and needs.

The contracts that must be signed and the related costs

As we have mentioned above, there are two types of contracts you will need to sign during your prearrangements. On the one hand, the burial rights contract can include a cemetery, a columbarium or mausoleum plot, etc. This contract plans for the purchase of the location where the body or ashes will rest and includes maintenance. The price for a grave will vary according to its location and the number of years for which it will be reserved.

On the other hand, the funeral services contract includes expenses related to the purchase of the products and services: the casket, the urn or the tombstone, the embalming or cremation of the body, the ceremony, etc.

Our funeral homes offer funeral prearrangements at advantageous prices, like the following packages:

  • Simplicity Funeral
  • Contemporary Funeral
  • Traditional Funeral

These are also offered as turnkey packages.

How can you be sure the contract will be honored?

When paying for prearrangements, 90 % of the expenses paid will be placed in an in-trust account in a financial institution, which falls under strict rules and regulations. The business cannot use this deposit. This means that your money is safe and that you do not risk anything even in the event of bankruptcy, for example.

The contract is also registered with the Consumer Protection Bureau to ensure your protection. Moreover, since 2021, a new registry for funeral prearrangement contracts will allow your loved ones to access your contract if needed.

Can I modify or cancel my contract once it has been signed?

With Yves Légaré, your contract can be modified or reimbursed at all times, and you can suspend payment without any penalty. We provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Contact one of our funeral planning consultant

Our consultants at Yves Légaré are not only experts; they are devoted people that will help guide you along the way. They will make sure that every detail has been taken into consideration and guide you towards the products and services that are best suited to the type of funeral you want, leaving nothing to chance.

Take the time you need to do things properly, and at your own pace. We understand how important this moment is and we are here to offer our professional support, while treating you with respect and compassion.

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