Sadly, losing a loved one is an inevitable part of life. When this happens, the funeral ceremony can allow friends and family to gather to pay the deceased their respects. This ceremony can take many shapes, and truly reflect the love you feel for the deceased, along with the respect of their own values and traditions.

With Yves Légaré, we specialize in providing the deceased and their loved ones with a funeral service that is exactly in accordance with the deceased’s last wishes. We offer advantageous packages and guide you through the different options if needed. Each and every detail is taken into consideration, so that you can enjoy greater peace of mind, which is priceless.

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Traditional Ceremonies

If you want to pay tribute to your loved one while also honoring traditions, this is the perfect package. It is offered at a base price of $ 8,630, and includes viewing, followed by the burial; a casket is also included in the package.

You will have the choice of holding the funeral ceremony in church or in one of our funeral homes, with a prayer reunion in the chapel and the parlor. The viewing and service is followed by the casket burial in a cemetery. You can combine this ceremony with one of our commemorative packages to customize it further.

Contemporary Ceremonies

Cremation has become increasingly popular. Our Contemporary Funeral package includes a viewing, followed by the cremation. The price for a contemporary funeral ceremony begins at $ 6,510, and will vary according to the selected added options. These fees include a rental casket and an urn.

You can also choose to hold the funeral in a church or have a reunion in the chapel and the funeral parlor before the cremation. Just like a traditional ceremony, it is possible to opt for a turnkey service.

Simplicity Ceremonies

If you want to create a ceremony that is both meaningful and understated, our simplicity package begins at $ 3,980 and will cater to your needs. This includes a cremation, followed by a viewing of the ashes and the urn, according to your wishes. You can also choose to hold the funeral in a church, or in the chapel and funeral parlor.

This will allow you to organize a simple funeral ceremony without compromise, while creating a meaningful moment to honour your departed loved one. All of our ceremonies can be religious or secular, in accordance to your wishes. Find out more about all of the funeral services we offer.

Burial or Cremation - Which to choose?

After a loved one has passed, it is possible to opt for a burial or a cremation. Although this preference might have been voiced by your loved one prior to their passing, this decision might be left to those who have been left behind. Even if this might appear to be an easy decision to make, the differences and advantages for both might not always be clear. We can help you see more clearly.

A Burial

On the one hand, a burial is generally preferred by most cultures and most often goes in accordance with religious beliefs. A burial, also called inhumation, consists of placing the body of the deceased underground, with a tombstone above.

Before the burial, the cemetery must be contacted in order to choose a burial plot and the tombstone. Fees for the purchase of a casket, the burial plot and the tombstone must also be paid.

Although this option is more expensive, some people find that the grieving process is made easier with a burial, and often love to a have place where they can visit the person they have lost.

Before a viewing, a body is embalmed in order to offer a last peaceful image of the deceased to their loved ones. Take note that it is also possible to proceed to embalming and a viewing of the deceased before having their body cremated.


Cremation, sometimes referred to as “incineration”, consists of placing the body in a box prior to inserting it in a cremation furnace at temperatures ranging between 1,000 and 1,200 degrees Celsius. The ashes are then gathered and placed in one or several urns.

The urn can then be buried –mush as you would with a casket-, kept in someone’s home, placed in a columbarium or have the ashes dispersed.

However, funeral arrangements are often simplified in this case, especially given that plot options are becoming increasingly limited, and fees are lower as well.

How to Plan for a Ceremony

How to organise a funeral ceremony? A funeral ceremony can be secular or religious, respect your traditions or be original. No matter what your wishes are, you will have to plan for:

  • The reception
  • Collecting information
  • The purchase of flower, urn(s), casket, etc.
  • Organizing the ceremony

Losing a loved one also requires administrative processes related to succession. Yves Légaré takes care of everything and guides you every step of the way, from legal documents to the ceremony itself.

We will help you plan for every detail, so that you can have a ceremony that respects your loved one’s wishes and provides you with peace of mind. From the caterer, the flowers, to the printing of bookmarks and any other commemorative objects or keepsakes, we have everything you need. Customize the ceremony from the comfort of your own home by taking a look at our exclusive keepsakes.

Why place your trust in us?

No matter the type of funeral you wish to organise, our family business has over 90 years of experience and will treat all of your requests with the utmost respect. Regardless of if you want a secular or religious funeral, or one that respects your cultural traditions, we offer great flexibility and customized guidance.

Finally, we also provide you with advantageous packages that can cater to your needs, allowing you to organize a funeral in accordance to your loved one’s last wishes.

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