During difficult times like these, it’s important to think about your funeral prearrangements. Plan, save, and reassure your loved ones…

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To locate a deceased, use our death notices to click on the first letter of his or her family name or use the search engine.

To search for a deceased person, click on the first letter of the deceased’s last name or use the search engine to find the obituary you are looking for. You can also use this link to send flowers. Can’t find it? The obituary in question may not be associated with one of our salons, as a courtesy, click on the obituary search button on necrologue.com

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Russell Carter
1943 - 2024
Claude Malo
1943 - 2024
Linda Boudreau
1959 - 2024
Léandre Paradis
1930 - 2024
Andrée Côté
1940 - 2023
Arthur Dorion
1927 - 2024
Guylaine Clermont
1959 - 2024
Patrick Pellerin
1977 - 2024
Sammy Germano
1937 - 2024
Rita Gagnon (Born Lalonde)
1928 - 2024