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What to do in the event of death?

The death of a loved one is a difficult experience to go through. Grieving relatives are faced with multiple legal and administrative formalities following the death and the process can sometimes be complex. Our counselors are available to help you plan the final tribute to your loved one as serenely as possible.

We invite you to read the information provided below to help you through the process.

Had the deceased made funeral prearrangements?

First and foremost, verify if the deceased had concluded a funeral prearrangement contract and inform us thereof, if applicable.

How can I know if the deceased had made funeral prearrangements?

When an individual concludes a funeral prearrangement contract with Complexes funéraires Yves Légaré, pocket-sized cards are provided in order to inform third parties of the existence of the contract.

It is possible that the deceased kept one of these cards in their wallet along with other identity cards.

In addition to the funeral home’s contact information, the card indicates the name of the contract holder, the contract number as well as information on the people to contact in the event of death. The contract holder can distribute these cards to the people with a need to know.

Please note that there is no centralized register of funeral prearrangement contracts. To find out if the deceased concluded such a contract, you will need to contact the deceased’s loved ones and obtain this information from any funeral home you contact.

If death is imminent

Contact us as soon as possible. A counselor will guide you through the process.

If death occurs at the hospital or in a CHSLD

With your consent, the establishment will contact us to make arrangements to have the body of the deceased delivered to our funeral home.

An appointment will then be set with one of our counselors during which you’ll be able to make any required funeral arrangements. (This takes approximately 3 hours.).

If death occurs at home

Dial 9-1-1 as soon as possible. An Urgences-Santé doctor will confirm the death and issue an attestation of death.

Once you have the required documents in hand, contact us to arrange for the transport of the deceased’s body to our funeral home as soon as possible.

An appointment will then be set with one of our counselors during which you’ll be able to make any required funeral arrangements. (This takes approximately 3 hours.).

If death occurs abroad

Dial our toll-free number: 1-800-454-8767. Our international repatriation experts will take the necessary administrative steps with the applicable country’s authorities to repatriate the deceased’s body or ashes as soon as possible.

What must I bring with me to my initial appointment with my counselor?

Initially, you will need to provide the counselor with the following information and the deceased’s personal belongings:

  • Health insurance card
  • Social insurance number
  • Recent photograph for thanatopraxy (embalmment), the publication of obituaries in newspapers as well as the printing of bookmarks and thank-you cards
  • Funeral prearrangement contract (if applicable)
  • Burial contract (if applicable)
  • Life insurance policy (if applicable)
  • Home address
  • Date and place of birth 
  • Parents’ first and last names (including mother’s maiden name)

This information will enable your counselor to fill out the declaration of death (DEC-100 Form) which will be sent to Quebec’sRegister of Civil Status (Directeur de l’état civil du Québec).

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