Our cemeteries and mausoleums

Places of meditation and prayer that are accessible 365 days a year. Our cemeteries and mausoleums are located in enchanting natural sites. The facilities create serene settings for recollecting and praying.


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Our cemeteries and mausoleums

Our two cemeteries - Près du Fleuve in Longueuil and Papineau in Laval - are peaceful and lush burial sites that are always impeccably maintained. Open to all beliefs and faiths, our cemeteries are peaceful and serene final resting places.

Près du Fleuve Cemetery - Saint-Christophe Mausoleum
près du Fleuve Cemetery - Saint-Christophe Mausoleum
Adjoining the Rive-Sud Complex    
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Papineau Cemetery - Du Ruisseau Mausoleum
papineau Cemetery - Du Ruisseau Mausoleum
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Our places of rest

All of our places of rest are designed to allow individuals and families to gather and grieve together. Our cemeteries, columbaria and mausoleums are maintained with the utmost care to preserve their peaceful and sacred nature. You’ll find that they provide all of the intimacy you need to revive in your heart, individually or as a family, the memory of your dearly departed loved one.

Our columbaria and mausoleums

There is a columbarium in each of our complexes. Harmoniously integrated in the building, the columbarium is a warm and accessible resting place where you can recollect alone or as a group and pay tribute to a loved one’s memory.

Our two magnificent mausoleumsSaint-Christophe (Longueuil) and du Ruisseau (Sainte-Dorothée, Laval)—are unique places of rest, recollection and prayer imprinted with calmness and serenity. Also, they are accessible throughout the year.

A columbarium is an indoor or outdoor burial site comprised of niches that can receive one or several cinerary urns

A mausoleum is a burial site comprised of crypts and a columbarium containing niches and vaults in certain cases.

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