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Since 1931, our mission is to accompany you in a caring and empathic manner and help you honour the memory of your dear departed loved ones. With dignity and respect for your beliefs, traditions and budget, we have developed a personalized approach to accompanying grieving families. Our experienced counselors and professionals are there to help you get through the various stages before, during and after the grieving process.

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Psychological Assistance

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Grieving is a normal process that people go through following the death of a loved one. Everyone grieves differently but grief is a universal emotion that can sometimes destabilize and cause great suffering. If you need assistance or simply need to talk with someone, feel free to call upon the psychological assistance provided by Complexes funéraires Yves Légaré. The service is provided by an experienced psychologist specialized in bereavement who is a member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec.

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